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Phan Connolly, REALTOR®

CA DRE# 02096809   

Serving Sacramento & San Diego, California


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Phan Connolly
CA DRE #02096809

A REALTOR® with All City Homes
We serve Sacramento & San Diego, California

Hi, I'm Phan! I'm a REALTOR® with All City Homes, serving families across Sacramento and San Diego, California.

After logging nearly twenty years with the federal government, both as a U.S. military officer and a strategy & management consultant, I feel I can only perform with a service-oriented mindset.  And now, rather than helping massive organizations, my joy is using my interpersonal skills and fierce dedication to partner with individuals and families through the exciting, yet nerve-wrecking journey to home ownership. 

I firmly believe in EDUCATION.  The more educated you are about something, the less you fear, the more confident and comfortable you become with it.  Thinking back on the first home I purchased as an aspiring home owner in my mid-20s, I knew nothing about the military VA loan I was using or the process I was uncomfortably going through.  I can't say I even remember my agent…or if I spent any time with her except when she had me sign my offer paperwork.  Who answered my questions and walked me through a home inspection?  I didn't even know what credit scores were until the Texas title & mortgage officer informed me of my under-developed credit score!


I want a far better experience and MORE FOR YOU.  As a military veteran, I serve both military families and our local community with the education, advocacy, and communication that is critical through the home-buying/selling process.  I'm passing to you the knowledge, insights, and access to partners for benefits that can help you feel more comfortable and confident so you can embark on the journey of home ownership!

At this point, you may be interested in what my own family looks like.  I have some kids, couple of dogs, a husband, and a lot of coffee to keep me going each day.  I can get obsessed with doing a great job for those I work with, and my life feels full and rich with all the people I have the pleasure of engaging with every day.  I truly believe the real estate profession is about caring for people's welfare and helping them get on the path to their ideal home and invest in their next chapter of life!

If there's anything I can do for you, please drop me a line. Remember, I'm

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